Building Department

Carla Sutphin, Administrative Assistant  Hours: Monday-Fri 8AM-5PM
Phone:(740) 983-2541 Ext #4
The Building Department was established in 1999 by the Village of South Bloomfield.

All contractors working in the Village limits MUST be registered with the Village.  Costs for all Village contractor registrations are $100/year and include trades such as HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, etc.

Contractors must provide a $10,000 bond and at least $300,000 liability insurance with the Village as the certificate holder. Registration is valid for one year running January - December.

If you are planning on hiring a contractor to do any work on your home, please be sure the contractor registers with the Village.  If you plan to do any work (building, remodeling, garages, fences, room additions, etc.) please contact the Village office to determine if you need a permit.

To access forms online please click the link at the bottom.  Please always double-check with the Village to be sure that you obtain the most current forms & guidelines and are paying the current fees.

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