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5000 Park Place
South Bloomfield, Ohio 43103
Office - (740) 983-2541 
Fax - (740) 983-4531
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM

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Department Name First Name Last Name Position Email Phone
Elected Official Aaron Thomas Mayor
Administration Joe Allen Village Administrator
Administration Carla Sutphin Administrative Assistant
Elected Official Ken Everts Council President
Elected Official Woody Blanton Council Member
Elected Official Dena Cobb Council Member
Elected Official Amber Murphy Council Member
Elected Official Tom Ramsay Council Member
Administration Alisha Burke Fiscal Officer
Administration Carla Hart Clerk of Courts
Administration Courtney Revalee Utility Clerk
Utility Thad Spencer Utility Superintendent
Utility Matt Schall Utility Operator
Streets & Parks Ray Cobb Street Superintendent
Streets & Parks Troy Kitsos Streets & Parks staff
Police Administration Ken McCoy Chief of Police
Police Department Johnny Wells Sergeant
Police Department Michael Maynard Sergeant
Police Department Michael Kirkpatrick Detective
Police Department Andrew Francis Officer
Police Department Chuck Miller Officer
Police Department Jeremey Pelfrey Officer
Police Department Charles Kulp Officer