Mayor of South Bloomfield

Village of South Bloomfield
5000 Park Place
South Bloomfield, Ohio 43103

Mayor Aaron Thomas

Mayor Aaron Thomas

I am Aaron Thomas and I have lived in South Bloomfield for a while now and I am a proud 1995 graduate of Teays Valley High School. My connection to South Bloomfield traces back to my grandparents, who were among the first residents of the newly developed Cook Crites subdivision in the mid-1960s. Today, I reside in the same house where my grandparents once lived.

I have had a career in the construction industry spanning over 26 years and have been able to become a seasoned professional within the industry. For the past 18 years, I have served as a superintendent for a large mechanical contractor, overseeing large-scale projects with precision and expertise.

In addition to my professional career achievements, I cherish my family life. I have been happily married to my wife Christina for 20 years, and together, we have raised four children in South Bloomfield and are now enjoying the joys of grandparenthood.

Outside of work and civic duties, I find peace in nature through my hobbies of bass fishing and camping. These activities allow me to unwind and reconnect with the natural beauty surrounding South Bloomfield and neighboring counties.

Despite my love for the small village atmosphere of South Bloomfield, I know the area will change due to South Bloomfield’s rapid growth, fueled by its proximity to the bustling city of Columbus. But I also know that this growth brings economic benefits to the village, but as somebody who is deeply invested in the community's well-being, I am recognizing the importance of balancing progress while preserving South Bloomfield's unique character.

I am very passionate about community engagement and local governance, and inspire to increase citizen participation in village affairs. I believe that encouraging residents to take an active role in local government, planning, and decision-making processes, can allow South Bloomfield to navigate the challenges of growth while maintaining its identity and sense of community.


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